The Ellis Hotel is the First Corporate Sponsor of Georgia Organics
Furthering the Hotel's Commitment to a Sustainable Food Culture

Released: October 22, 2009

Atlanta, Ga. – The Ellis Hotel, downtown Atlanta’s newest chic boutique hotel practicing consistent sustainability, is the first corporate sponsor of Georgia Organics’ Double Value Food Coupon Program. Georgia Organics is a member supported non-profit organization working to integrate healthy, sustainable and locally grown food into the lives of all Georgians. The restaurant of The Ellis Hotel, Terrace donated $2,750 to Georgia Organics, earning the support of Food & Wine magazine at the grand opening of the restaurant on Sept. 17, 2009.

Striving to raise awareness for a more local and sustainable food culture while working to re-establish a vibrant sense of community through good food…Farm to Table, Terrace creates an urban oasis of environmentally friendly dining. Awarded with the Silver level by the Green Seal Environmental Standard for Lodging Properties (the second hotel in the state of Georgia), The Ellis Hotel and Terrace reinforce this sustainability commitment by hiring Michel Nischan (restaurant owner, award-winning cookbook author, media personality and food policy advocate) to consult with The Ellis Hotel on the re-concepting of Terrace.

Nischan is also CEO of Wholesome Wave Foundation, a non-profit organization that aims to make healthy and locally grown food more accessible to all. Wholesome Wave and Georgia Organics have partnered to increase the value of food stamps when they are used to purchase healthy, Georgia farm grown foods at participating Atlanta farmers markets.

"By partnering with non-profit organizations, local businesses and government agencies to implement these programs, a single dollar of stimulus impacts nutrition, helps farmers, stimulates the economy and provides a direct investment in reducing health-care costs," says Michel Nischan.

Celebrating American heirloom recipes through supporting local and regional farmers, fisherman and purveyors, Terrace recaptures the pure simple flavors and tastes of natural and organic ingredients while bursting with flavors and unique combinations and textures.

Executive Chef Joël Young is the mastermind behind Terrace, bringing an innovative perspective to cooking and the ingredients used in each distinct creation. Young takes simple, high quality, locally grown ingredients and combines them in an artful precision of Southern cuisine coupled with the robust flavors of a modern culinary experience.

To learn more about Georgia Organics and the environmental initiatives of The Ellis Hotel, call 678.651.2770 or visit

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