Hilton Austin Airport is Green Seal Certified

Released: January 20, 2010

Girin Mehta
Hilton Austin Airport
9515 Hotel Drive
Austin, TX  78719
Dear Girin:
I am pleased to inform you that Green Seal has evaluated the Hilton Austin Airport and determined
that this property complies with the environmental and performance requirements of the Green Seal
Environmental Standard for Lodging Properties – Silver (GS-33, 2008).  
Accordingly, the Hilton Austin Airport is authorized to use the Green Seal Mark in association with
the property, provided that no changes are made in the way the property is run or represented.  
This certification remains valid until such time your property is no longer subject to a valid
certification agreement, or that Green Seal has reason to believe, based on the results of our
ongoing monitoring program or otherwise, that your property no longer complies with GS-33 (2008).
As a reminder, any use of the Green Seal Mark or reference to Green Seal needs to be approved by
Green Seal and conform to the Rules Governing the Use of the Green Seal Certification Mark.
Congratulations on this achievement for the Hilton Austin Airport.  We look forward to continuing
this relationship.

Mark T. Petruzzi
Vice President of Certification

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